January brought with it 4 moms due, 3 births and so much joy.  Two snow storm babies, followed by quick labors and uncomplicated births, one big ole' boy and one sweet little Amish baby girl. One amazing Kentucky mother had also a very quick labor, with a posterior baby.  What resilience and strength these women show me on a daily basis.  Our last January mama had her sweet angel on the 8th of February.  This birth was long, and ended with a transfer, but was not without it's own depth, joy and pure empowered birthing on the part of the family.  Each baby that helped me welcome the new year, two boys and two girls, have shown me where my feet belong.

There was a good stretch of time after that rush where I was off call, and able to enjoy some family time.  I celebrated my youngest son's Jaysun's 13th birthday.  They grow so fast but I can remember very clearly his birth, my first homebirth,  on that cold February day.  My journey through pregnancy and birth with Jay was one that guided me ultimately to what true empowered birthing was.  Even my postpartum transfer to the hospital with a heavy bleed and anemic condition made concrete for me the knowledge, trust and empowered language to navigate that space in a way that left me feeling strong, capable and also with an experience that allows me to sit in that space with women I serve and say "I know".

The new year also brought with it new clients, many new clients.  Also plans for some time off late Sept through late November, for travel, training and to take the NARM exam.  I have been blessed in so many ways, but especially with the abiding love and support that has allowed me to embark on this new journey in midwifery.  I have also welcomed several new students into the practice.  It is exciting to see the energy that is creating a new/old way of honoring women.  We have plans for a local Birth Network group, ICAN group and more community support.  There was also quarterly training workshop in the Wiyama office, offering us time of learning and community.

Spring peeked around the corner and shared magical space with another perfect, sweet birth of a polite and graceful little girl.  She came ON her due date, also a quick labor, and she and her mother are doing super.  I truly live a charmed life.  Sure I complain about the driving, weather and lack of sleep, but I couldn't imagine another thing I could do with so much joy, passion and confidence.  I truly believe that I am doing my life's work.